The business environment is getting more challenging than ever due to COVID-19. The role of accountants became even more important to meet the requirements of COVID-19 related state/ federal government grants and payments.

Most small business owners often fail to make the best management decisions because it is difficult for them to obtain timely advice from a qualified adviser.

Small business owners need a good navigator to get through difficult times.

I often compare Accounting & Cash-flow to Blood vessels & Blood circulation.

A business is like a live organism. Just as healthy blood vessels are vital for good blood circulation, good accounting practices are vital for good cash flow. We will focus on improving your accounting practices first to find the right solution for you.

You can enjoy the benefit of hiring an accounting personnel as well as an external tax expert by engaging us. We, 5ECA, will provide you and your business with a bespoke total care service at a reasonable price.

Our services will be a game-changer in the accounting/tax services industry. You will enjoy the benefit of hiring a Chartered Accountant as your employee at a fixed price.

Our full package service includes all the services you need.

  • Bookkeeping & Payroll service
  • Tax support
  • Financial Reporting
  • Business advisory
  • Xero and
  • Other support services
    (Ad hoc tasks, applications for COVID-19 related state / federal government grants and payments. etc.)

Details of the service can be found on the Service page.

Five Elements Accountant

of the clients, by the clients, for the clients

shall lead you to success.



We aim to satisfy your needs 100%. From data entry to management consulting, we will not miss even the smallest things and assist you as your business partner.



We not only provide standardised services but also provide customised services that our clients need. We will help you manage your business with deep insights beyond numbers.



We are your business partner you can rely on. We are committed to serving only a limited number of clients, so we can be there to help you when you need us. You are a priority for us.

About Michael

Michael Jeon, Principal

CA ANZ, Tax Agent, AICPA

Michael has over 20 years of multi-national experience in accounting, tax and management gained at both public and commercial accounting firms.

Michael has performed audit, tax compliance, and consulting services at Ernst & Young in the U.S and With Accounting in Korea. After migrating to Australia, Michael has concentrated on tax compliance for SME clients at PAG and KC Accounting.

As a commercial accounting manager, Michael has successfully performed various services, including but not limited to, fund management, implementation of strong internal control structures, and financial reporting for internal/external information users.

Also, Michael’s strength lies in his ability to assist his clients to reach the best decision possible for their business.

Based on these experiences, Michael promises not only to solve the problem itself but also provide a balanced solution for your business as a whole.

Dear Client

5ECA’s friendly advisors would love to help you to find a way to overcome difficult times through consultations.

All pre-engagement consultations are carried out free of charge, and there is no additional cost other than the fees specified in the engagement letter. Where additional charges are inevitable, we will notify you prior to providing the relevant services.

Please note that the maximum allowance for the monthly transaction volume and payroll numbers are set at 120% of the numbers specified in the engagement letter The service fee is payable on a monthly basis, on the date specified in the engagement letter, via Practice Ignition’s payment system.