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Any entrepreneur who owns and runs a small- or medium-sized business will agree that it can be challenging on several levels. First, having the courage and drive to start and grow a business suggests you have a decent level of know-how and business acumen. However, as proficient as you are, you may not yet have the knowledge and skill to tackle every aspect of business accounting. So, instead of putting your business in jeopardy, why not hire a professional Sydney accountant?

The Benefits of Hiring a Small Business Accountant in Sydney

The advantages of employing a trained, experienced accountant to you and your business are numerous, including:

  • Staying up to date: With so much to do when running a business, even a small one, it can be all too easy to accidentally introduce errors or overlook crucial administration and accounting elements, including payments, bookkeeping, company expenses, taxes, and other financial obligations and procedures. Your hired accountant will keep all your documentation on track by keeping meticulous accounting records, allowing them to understand your financial status, anticipate potential gains, or highlight risks.
  • Help with taxes: Completing and filing taxes can be confusing, and errors or omissions in this regard can have serious consequences. Efficient tax adherence is not limited to tax season and having a knowledgeable and experienced accounting professional assist with appropriate record-keeping for smooth tax administration, accurately and on time. In addition, your accountant can also advise you on ways to save on tax or avoid unnecessary penalties.
  • Insightful financial advice: Small business administration and accounting can be tricky. So can making advantageous and well-timed management and financial decisions impacting the future of your business. Once hired, rely on your accountant recommendation to assist with their valuable insight and understanding of sound financial structure, goals, strategy, investments, and cash flow.

Importantly, by having a professional take care of your accounting responsibilities, you are freed to focus on managing your team and running and growing your business.

What You Can Expect From Us as Your Sydney Chartered Accountant

As your hired chartered accountants in Sydney, our priority is to manage your accounting and taxes efficiently. However, we go beyond these obligations to ensure we also optimise your processes for future success. By retaining our convenient, single fee full-service package, you can expect:

  • A wide range of professional services: We provide tax support, payroll and bookkeeping, financial reporting, and business advice. In addition, we offer any other ad hoc business support required, including working with Xero or other SME cloud-based accounting software and Covid-19 related government support applications.
  • Free introductory consultation and fee transparency: To assist you in navigating difficult times, we offer a complimentary pre-engagement consultation to understand what you need. Our value-added packages are available at a fixed cost and openly share any costs beyond the engagement letter before proceeding with the service and billing.
  • 360-degree servicing: Our all-encompassing and personalised 5ECA package comes with our complete commitment to your business 365 days a year. We will be available to provide high-quality advice and service excellence within business hours – a full-time resource for part-time fees. Our other packages helping your business thrive include bookkeeping, tax compliance, business advisory, and Xero setup and support.

Browse our packages and pricing to choose the plan that suits you and your budget. For your peace of mind, once you’ve made your selection and completed the engagement letter, we won’t bill you until a month later to ensure you are satisfied with your choice.

About Five Elements

We are reputable chartered accountants offering professional accounting and advisory services, delivering the outcomes you require proficiently and reliably. Our principal CA, Michael Jeon, provides more than 20 years of experience in commercial and public business management, accounting, and tax matters. With access to Michael’s notable and proven business consulting and advisory capabilities, you can count on us for balanced and business-savvy solutions.

So, consider us your dedicated Parramatta accountant.
Don’t hesitate to contact us today to book your pre-engagement consultation to future-proof your business or should you have any questions.