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Package Services

Sound advice builds better business

5ECA package services are only available to a limited number of clients.
Our commitment to clients who use 5ECA package services includes ;

  • Being 100% available during the agreed hours of service, just like in-house accountants; and
  • Maintaining the highest level of service quality.

Due to this, we are unable to provide 5ECA package services to a large number of clients.
Please enquire now about 5ECA package services while they are still available.

5ECA Package

These fully tailored packages are only available from 5ECA. It includes Bookkeeping, Payroll, Reporting, preparation and lodgment of Business Activity Statements, Advisory and other supporting services covering everything you need for your business.

Five Elements

Bookkeeping Package

Accurate financial reporting begins with accurate financial figures, and meaningful advice cannot be provided without ensuring the accuracy of the financial statements.
This package includes Bookkeeping, Payroll and preparation of year-end Financial Statements.

Business Advisory

We provide meaningful advice to our clients by reading between the lines. This service offers high quality analysis and advice on various topics including monthly cash flow, budgeting, efficient management of human resources, mid to long-term business plans, and tax planning.

Tax Package

Tax service package includes preparation and lodgment of income tax returns and business activity statements and all tax related services including tax planning and setting up a payment plan with the ATO.

Xero setup

Xero is the world #1 Cloud software for small business owners. 5ECA will take care of every aspect of the setup process and post-setup user training.

5ECA Package

You are the boss of Chartered Accountant

Enjoy the benefits of having an in-house team of Chartered Accountants by choosing 5ECA’s full package service, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having an in-house team of Chartered Accountants on a part time basis. As each package has a set number of minimum service hours per week, you can use approximately 1 hour’s worth of customised services such as Business Advisory, ad-hoc tasks each week in addition to the hours allocated for business as usual work such as bookkeeping and payroll.

Bookkeeping Package

Looking for a reliable accountant for bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping and payroll are the basic operational activities for all businesses. Xero-based accounting service improves efficiency and prevents bookkeeping errors which may lead to incorrect assessment of tax payable. Our bookkeeping package includes payroll service and STP compliances and it enables us to easily manage recruitments, staff leaves and super guarantee contributions at the same time. Our fees for registration and management of each additional employee are $5.00.

Business Advisory

Sound advice builds better business

5ECA provide CFO advisory services which is a a hybrid between CFO and Controller advisory services, to assist you with monthly standard compliance & strategic business planning.

This service includes general accounting and taxation advice as well as advice on shareholder wealth maximisation, internal stakeholder satisfaction and profit maximisation.

Tax compliance

Taxes are predictable and controllable

We can help you to manage your tax affairs in a predictable and controllable way.
Unlike the common belief, your tax affairs can be managed in a predictable and controllable way.
Most businesses aim to maximise their profits, and those profits are taxed.
We do not engage in tax avoidance activities, but we will do everything we can to reduce your tax burden in a legitimate way.

Xero Setup & Training

Xero, the game changer of the business world

As accountants, we think the business world is divide into before and after Xero. This innovative AI Accounting software enables 5ECA to offer all of the services listed on this page. 5ECA will assist you in setting up Xero and user training.