Navigate the Financial World Correctly With Our Bookkeepers in Sydney

There’s no denying the tough times that many businesses have experienced in the last few years, which is why having the right bookkeepers in Sydney is more important now than ever. We can assist you with a wide range of financial services to help alleviate some everyday business stresses. Choose Five Elements and work with a team that always aims for 100% customer satisfaction.



We aim to satisfy your needs 100%. From data entry to management consulting, we will not miss even the smallest things and assist you as your business partner.



We not only provide standardised services but also provide customised services that our clients need. We will help you manage your business with deep insights beyond numbers.



We are your business partner you can rely on. We are committed to serving only a limited number of clients, so we can be there to help you when you need us. You are a priority for us.

Benefits of Using Our Sydney Bookkeeping Services

Many small businesses realise that they aren’t fully prepared during most times of the year – and especially closer to tax season. With our bookkeepers, you can confidently get through the tax season with the proper assistance. Consider some of the benefits we provide with our financial services:

  • We help prevent bookkeeping errors. It’s no secret that untrained eyes can make many mistakes during bookkeeping, leading to a range of problems down the line. Our trained professionals triple-check everything to make sure you’re good to go.
  • We accommodate the management of many financial angles. We can assist you in the managing of recruitment, staff leave, and even super guarantee contributions. Our fees for integrating the management of new employees are also affordable, which is vital to us.
  • We offer reliable industry advice. Having a bookkeeper is one thing but having an industry professional that can deliver advice on your finances where necessary is a huge bonus. If you have questions about bookkeeping, please ask one of our professionals–they are there to assist.

Signs Your Small Business Could Use Our Bookkeeping Services in Sydney

Knowing when to turn to our team can already solve half your bookkeeping problems. If you don’t know when to ask for assistance, you end up with many avoidable problems. Consider the following common signs you could use our service.

  • Your books are constantly out of date. DIY bookkeeping is something that many companies do, but it can lead to outdated books that only create more problems without trained professionals.
  • You don’t have the time to do it yourself. Many new businesses struggle with time due to heavy workloads. If you don’t have time for bookkeeping, you should consider outsourcing to us.
  • You scramble to do your books before tax season. If you’re not handling your books year-round, it can cause inconsistencies in your bookkeeping. Consider letting our team manage it for you, so you’re always prepared. Don’t wait until tax season is upon you, instead start now, so you never have last-minute stress.

About Us and Our Services for Bookkeeping in Parramatta

With more than 20 years of industry experience, we can assist any small business with bookkeeping. We understand the hardships that most smaller companies have experienced over the last two years and want them to get the assistance they need to excel. You should never have to worry about your books, and with our professional team backing you, you won’t.

Call us today and get our team to take over your books so that you’re prepared for the next tax season.

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5ECA’s friendly advisors would love to help you to find a way to overcome difficult times through consultations.

All pre-engagement consultations are carried out free of charge, and there is no additional cost other than the fees specified in the engagement letter. Where additional charges are inevitable, we will notify you prior to providing the relevant services.

Please note that the maximum allowance for the monthly transaction volume and payroll numbers are set at 120% of the numbers specified in the engagement letter The service fee is payable on a monthly basis, on the date specified in the engagement letter, via Practice Ignition’s payment system.